Ellie Kleinheinz, a member of Team USA Luge Development Team


Join Team Ellie Today!

No athlete ever does it by themselves, it takes a team. Please consider becoming part of my team, Team Ellie, as I chase this Olympic dream.   This tax deductible fund through USA Luge will help me with the cost of travel, coaching, training, and competitions as I participate on the Team USA Luge Development Team. 


Check Out The Blog

I'm preparing this week for the US Youth Nationals, which is the last race of the season. I'm looking to build on what I did in the Empire State Games. Check out my blog to read more and see more pictures.


My Luge Beginnings

In September 2018 Luge was a sport reserved for people who lived in the snow all year, and certainly nothing I had to learn about. One year later I was measured for my Team USA team jacket. Clearly, a lot can happen in a year!


Off The Track

When I'm not speeding down the luge track at over 60 mph I can be found on the softball diamond, basketball or volleyball court. I love being a multi-sport athlete, and competing any nearly anything. I also enjoy traveling with my family, spending time with my friends and playing with my dogs.