Ellie Kleinheinz, a member of Team USA Luge Development Team


Join Team Ellie Today!

No athlete ever does it by themselves, it takes a team. Please consider becoming part of my team, Team Ellie, as I chase this Olympic dream.   This tax deductible fund through USA Luge will help me with the cost of travel, coaching, training, and competitions as I participate on the Team USA Luge Development Team. 


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The announcement for the 2020-21 Luge Team have been made. I'm excited to let everyone know that I was once again selected to be part of the team!


My Luge Beginnings

In September 2018 Luge was a sport reserved for people who lived in the snow all year, and certainly nothing I had to learn about. One year later I was measured for my Team USA team jacket. Clearly, a lot can happen in a year!


Off The Track

When I'm not speeding down the luge track at almost 60 mph I can be found on the softball diamond, basketball or volleyball court. I love being a multi-sport athlete, and competing any nearly anything. I also enjoy traveling with my family, spending time with my friends and playing with my dogs.